Most of us complain about driving 100 miles. Ultrarunner Caroline runs that before lunch. (Pause a moment to take that in.)

Sometimes you don’t know who your friends are. I knew Caroline when she was working as an attorney with 2 children, and a loving husband Robert who worked in the wine industry. Robert was the trail runner. Caroline was an on again off again treadmill runner. Cut to 4 years later, in December 2016, Caroline Boller was voted the #4 Ultrarunner in North America. She's won 2 ultra distance National Championships, run for Team USA in the National Championships, and is an Olympic Marathon Trial Qualifier. She won and set the national trail 50-mile best time at the Brazos Bend 50-mile race. What?! That's incredible in and of itself, but she beat the existing record by 25 minutes and Oh Yeah, she beat all the men in the race as well. AND she's only been running 4 years. Her husband Robert was always trying to get her off the treadmill to run trails with him. And finally she agreed to give it a shot. Needless to say, she never stopped like Forrest Gump never stopped, and found her passion in running. A few burning questions had to be asked. Does she get tired? Absolutely. Does it hurt? Yes. But it's her true happy place, and she’s sure of that. She travels the world to race and compete in ultra marathons, races of 50 to 100 miles each. I didn't even know those types of long distance races existed, But yes, there are people who can run and run and keep running. And Caroline is currently one of the best in the world, now at age 42. She placed fifth female at the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler in San Francisco, third female at Texas’ Bandera 100K, and she took First Place female at Arizona’s Black Canyon Ultras 100K. In March 2016 she won the USATF 50K , earning a Masters American 50K Record. In 2017 she won the USATF again... this time the 100K Road National Championship. This is one of those stories of finding something you love and literally... running with it. Caroline said that though she has accomplished so much in such a short time frame, she's still never happy with her competitions. She always wants to better herself and her time. I can respect that, but I have to think that just finishing a 100 mile race should qualify as an earthshattering achievement. But that’s me commenting from the corner cushion of my fluffy down sofa. And while I was lounging, Caroline won yet another 100 mile race in April at C&O Canal, setting a women's course record - yeah - she beat all the guys at this one too - and walked away with American records for 50K and 50 miles (road, 40-44). I'm tired just saying that.

Next on Boller’s list: besting her own Masters American 50K road record.

“I’d like to run under 3 hours 20 minutes,” she says. “I’m still progressing and learning and improving. I think my best races are still to come."

We love you Caroline. WE think you’re rad.

A side note… she has started her own wine brand named Robie Point . The Pinot Noir was just released in June. You can order it at the homepage for the restaurant she owns with her husband Robert in Solvang, California called Hill Haven Provisions. And you should definitely pay them a visit if you're ever in Solvang.

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