Early on I never thought twice about being a woman in a man’s world.  I just followed my passions and believed everyone was equal.  Sometimes that was the case.  Other times it wasn’t.  Those times that I’ve been judged for being a “girl” I’ve tried to use as character strengtheners.  I believe the words that have been used against me can become my battle cry, and every moment I’ve been pushed down I can use to light a fire underneath me to be better and stronger.  The phrase “Pretty Good For A Girl” keeps coming around in my world.  I see so many women create and accomplish incredible things every day.  It’s inspiring for me to watch Misty Copeland dance and Serena Williams dominate a tennis game and Adele bring a room to tears with her voice.  But many times there is someone to add to any celebration of achievement… that’s “Pretty Good For A Girl.”  It just takes the wind out of your sails, doesn’t it?  Well, I’m here to turn that into a term of empowerment.  That’s right it’s “Pretty Good For A Girl.”  I’m proud of being who I am and representing women.  I wanted to tell my story through this song and make it into a celebration of sheer Woman Power.  When we were going over songs for the recording sessions, Kevin Shirley mentioned that he thought Joe Bonamassa would kill it playing on this song.  I thought… “But he’s not a girl.”  No he’s not, but Joe came in one night, hung out, and recorded the whole song with us, not just a solo.  He was in it from note one.  And it inspired me.  What a cool thing that he could come in and take this song to the next level with me… push me towards greatness.  It’s a meaningful song for me and I love that he joined me for it.  I hope it inspires you the same way it inspires me.